Konferenssi ja Expo tarjoavat jokaiselle jotakin

Tampere Smart City Week Konferenssi ja Expo -kokonaisuus tarjoaa laajan kattauksen monenlaista mielenkiintoista kuultavaa. Tutustu ohjelman teemoihin! Tapahtuma on englanninkielinen.


How autonomous is our future? The population increases, especially in the cities. Intelligent public transport system is key in smart city infrastructure – and automated, autonomous driving a major factor in future development in public transportation and in industry.

Join us on this world moving topic with leading IoT companies, data providers and city developers. As hosts we showcase the brand new Tampere tram which operates as a future living lab, combining it to Tampere Testbed where IoT platforms, digital twins and energy saving solutions are being tested as we speak. 


How do we go from talk to change? Sustainability is not a wish, it is a necessity. It runs from root levels to the very highest decision making. We have learned a lot but we still need to learn and share information for climate neutrality goals to be achieved.

TSCW presents innovative energy solutions, digitalization and a variety of ambitious development projects, solutions and companies. Our Nordic network will share how Nordic countries co-operate on sustainability and our keynote speakers demonstrate how sustainability should be taken as a very serious business.



Does the digital revolution make our world better? Digital solutions are aiming at improving our lives in the most versatile ways. Experience economy brings new ideas for entertainment, virtual reality, applications, knowledge and more.  

Experience TSCW where we showcase smart ICT solutions, data driven decision making, cloud services as well as AI, 5G and IOT solutions. TSCW will take place in the new Tampere Deck Arena, which is a showcase in its own right – and if you just can´t get enough, check out the DigITre –event!


Digital Safety
And Security

In digital we trust – or do we? The issue of Trust and Equality is ever more important as the world gets more digital. Questions rise about collecting, using and selling data. Access to digital services must be ensured for everyone. Data is also important in developing digital solutions that aim to improve our safety.  

Let´s take action towards safety and security and share examples, innovations and research about safety, security, equality and privacy in our cities, industry, events and digital platforms. TSCW stimulates the discussion on what the cities’ role is in sharing data and enlightens how Nordic collaboration is fostering this development.

Attractive And
Smart Tampere

Why to come here? Tampere is the 3rd biggest as well as the most attractive and reputable city of Finland. It is home to thousands of international talents, high-level technological research & development, global businesses and one of our biggest universities. In Finland we want to work as an example on how cities, universities and companies work together.

Let´s get networked! Either as a business representative or a student looking for career paths, TSCW is your chance to knit your networks – and probably fall in love with our city. As a part of TSCW we are also hosting Tampere Business Forum under the theme Invest in Tampere. 



How to make data into business? Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence and IoT solutions are developing drastically. Data is everywhere but true leaders and game-changers are the ones who make it into meaningful products & services and use it on data-driven, smart and strategic decision making.  

Offering understanding on new ways of making data into meaning – and profitable business – we have a line of innovative business owners, researchers, software developers and data analysts sharing their latest knowledge and ideas. Let´s discuss and learn how data can make tomorrow smarter. 



The social welfare and health care sector is undergoing a momentous shift. Healthcare reform and the changes increase the need for RDI activities. The pool of different healthcare actors in the Tampere Region is abundant and varied. The concentration of institutes of higher education, university hospital operations, varied businesses and active citizens in the Tampere Region ensures an exceptionally broad scope of competence. There are a number of potential and promising areas for creating new opportunities.

What is happening and what can be done in healthcare? Come and see just a few examples what teams from Tampere Health ecosystem and elsewhere are working on in healthcare technologies in helping and solving the challenges we as a society are facing in healthcare sector.


Tampereen seutu kehittää innovatiivisia, digitaalisia ja kestäviä älykaupunkiratkaisuja yritysten, tutkimuslaitosten, kuntien ja kaupunkilaisten kanssa.