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Tampere Smart City Week.

Tampere Smart City Week is an event for all the people interested in smart city development. The program includes an international conference for professionals. It will be held entirely virtual and broadcasted from Tampere on 26.-28.1.2021. The citizens and other local operators can attend various events mostly virtually. The program will introduce different kinds of smart city solutions. We are following the pandemic situation closely and all the events will be organized prioritizing safety.

Conference 26.-28.1.2020

The Tampere Smart City Week conference will be held entirely virtual, broadcasted from Tampere, Finland. Themes for the conference include e.g. smart mobility, smart solutions in health care, security and sustainable development.

Local events in Tampere 22.-29.1.

Various events will be held all around Tampere for the citizens and other local operators. In the events, the participants will get to know different kinds of smart city solutions and also get to participate in the city development.

Tampere is an attitude.

The growing Tampere urban region is as attractive as always. It’s best known for its casual atmosphere and large initiatives. The magnetic competence hub offers companies and residents a versatile growth environment. It’s no coincidence that Tampere has become one of the most significant smart cities in Finland. It’s easy to invest or settle in or visit Tampere. Everything is near and easily accessible.
Tammerkoski Finlayson Tampella

Towards a smarter city

A week of innovative, digital and sustainable urban solutions.

Smart city development pursues a safe, healthy, efficient and sustainable urban life. Tampere Smart City Week brings together developers and residents by focusing on the industry’s most interesting topics. Tampere wants to be example of smart city development and become a flexible smart city where people are acknowledged.

Smart City Week will be organised in Tampere on 22–29 January 2021. The event week presents tools and results of joint development and makes participation in city development possible for everyone. The event week has programme for urban decision-makers, planners and developers as well as opportunities for companies. Residents are also invited to join, and professionals will be offered great opportunities.


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