Facts about the event

Tampere Smart City Week is being held for the fourth time

Tampere Smart City Week already has a relatively long tradition in Tampere. Over the years, the form and implementation of the event has varied, but the core issue is and will remain: Tampere Smart City Week will highlight smart city solutions and involve local people in the development of the city.


Tampere Smart City Week Conference 2021

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The TSCW 2021 conference brought together smart city developers from around the world

In January 2021, Tampere Smart City Week was organized completely virtually. The week culminated in a virtual conference attended by more than 1,700 participants from 66 countries.

During the three-day conference, interesting speeches were heard on 12 different themes: from sustainable mobility to smart health technologies and from safety to education.

The aim of the event was to create new connections and networking between different actors. The virtual event platform inspired more than a thousand visitors to network with other event visitors.


Smart City Mindtrek 2020

The 2020 Smart City Mindtrek event was organized in cooperation with COSS ry. The event brought together a large number of professionals and students in the Finlayson area.

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