Our partners.

Tampere Smart City Week is produced in cooperation with local partners.

Tampere Smart City Week ties networks together and creates a foundation for international encounters.

With the changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, cities and companies are facing new challenges which makes collaboration across industry boundaries even more important. Tampere Smart City Week creates a foundation for international encounters, sharing new information and working together.

“We want to strengthen our network collaboration which is even more important in the new normal and to present smart solutions and opportunities created by future needs in the Tampere region.”

– Teppo Rantanen,
Executive Director of Economic Policy, Competitiveness and Innovation, City of Tampere


Solutions for a smart city?

Do you want to present your company at the virtual conference?

Tampere Smart City Week offers many opportunities to grow your visibility, knowledge and encounters. At the event, companies of various sizes can promote their business operations, develop and test new solutions, share interesting knowledge and network with customers and partners.

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Main partners.

Development is collaboration.
Tampereen yliopisto - Tampereen ammattikorkeakoulu

The Tampere University community is involved in sharing the latest information on research and the results of cooperation projects. The University of Tampere also coordinates the Science Forum.


Business Tampere promotes investments and creates a better environment for entrepreneurial activities in the Tampere region. Corporate collaboration and the development of network ecosystems is the focus of the event.


Tampere Chamber of Commerce and Industry is closely involved in corporate collaboration and organises Tampere Business Forum together with the city.


Development is collaboration.