How to participate

How to participate in Tampere Smart City Week events?

Tampere Smart City Week consists of events aimed at city residents, which focus on involving locals in the city’s development.

The culmination of the event week will be the smart city development Conference and Expo as a hybrid event. You can participate in the event either from your home sofa or on site in Tampere, at the brand new UROS LIVE Arena!

Come along, both the week’s program for residents and conference program will be released in the fall and registration for the conference will begin in October!

The conference and Expo will be held in the brand new UROS LIVE Arena

The UROS LIVE Arena will be opened in the heart of Tampere in December 2021 and the Tampere Smart City Week conference and Expo will be honored to be one of the first events in the arena.

The new experience center is a rarity throughout Europe and will host the World Hockey Championships in May 2022, for example. The arena has up to 15,000 seats, a state-of-the-art hotel, a casino, a wide range of conference and meeting facilities and several restaurants. The event in the new arena is a unique and holistic digital experience.