Visit Tampere


Tampere is a state of mind. It is something that resides within all of us and is deeply rooted in the ridges of landscape. Here, by the banks of the Tammerkoski rapids, ideas have always been born. They have turned into lines of work – and even entire communities. Whenever a set of machines has fallen silent, new thoughts have soon filled that space. Rolls of cloth have changed into lines of code and unforgettable experiences.

A promise of things to come has been planted into the rough brick walls and the rows of windows rise ever higher. The city skyline may change, but you can always find that familiar feeling of Tampere. This is home.

Accomodate in the hotels of Tampere

In Tampere, everything is within walking distance and there are accommodation options for every departure in the most popular city of Finland. In and around the city center, there is a wide variety of hotels and other accommodation to suit all tastes. Check out the accommodation options in the city center and enjoy the vibe of Tampere!

Take advantage of the quotas for hotels!

We have negotiated quotas with hotels with local hosts, meaning a certain number of hotel rooms are reserved for TSCW visitors. Check out the link below for hotels!

Eat well in Tampere

The restaurant selection of Tampere is unparalleled. Whether you want to eat fine dining, street food or just some snacks, you will find all the options in Tampere! Maybe you want to taste the local black sausage or chicken wings, which are the most popular in Tampere in the whole Finland. The city’s compact center also allows you to test several restaurants during your stay. 


Sights and things to do in Tampere

Do you need a counterbalance to your conference visit? Would you be interested in getting to know the most populat tourist city in Finland in more detail? Get to know Tampere

Rajaportti sauna - Laura Vanzo-17

Get the sauna experience

Tampere, the sauna capital of the world, welcomes you to both its gentle and bitter steam! The traditional sauna culture of Finns will become familiar to visitors in more than 50 public saunas in the region.


Cultural experiences for every taste

The events of Tampere, fascinating cultural experiences, atmospheric urban environment and immediate and open-minded atmosphere. Dive into the heartbeat of the most popular tourist city of Finland!


Nature is close by in Tampere

It is easy to feel well in Tampere, because nature is all around us. The lakes and forests extend all the way to the city center. Discover the nature sites in and around Tampere!


Take over the sights of Tampere

Tampere is a city of impressive views, unique saunas, diverse theaters and special museums. There is an attraction for everyone!


Experience the Sights in Tampere
We offer to your group an interesting guided tour (1.5 hours) under the guidance of our top guide. Tampere is beautifully located between two lakes and its buildings exude both exciting factory history and modern buildings and solutions, increasing the city’s attractiveness in the eyes of both residents and tourists. The tour includes the best destinations and we also stop in beautiful Pispala, admiring the beautiful lake view and its interesting wooden architecture.

Red-Brick Mills and Elegant Palace Tour (walking tour)
This walking tour begins at the Tampere City Hall within a short distance to the Finlayson area. The Finlayson area with the former cotton mill buildings is an essential part of the Finnish heritage landscape. Back in its heyday, the cotton mills, located by the Tammerkoski Rapids, were a pioneer of the Finnish industry and the most important employer in the country. The Finlayson factory even introduced the first electrical light in the Scandinavia. The mill managers lived close to their ”empire”; in the Finlayson Palace, the Little Palace, the Milavida Palace (Näsilinna) and the Lielahti Manor. This trip takes you through Finlayson’s fascinating history and exhibits examples of late 19th century buildings.