Tampere Smart City Week conference

The virtual conference presents solutions for the future of cities.

The ongoing changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic create an even stronger foundation for the joint development of smart cities. New ways of learning, working, exercising and moving will be an even bigger part of everyone’s daily life. The pandemic challenges us to find new solutions and to reflect how we want to live in the future.

The TSCW2021 conference is organised virtually on 25–28 January 2021. The future trends of smart city development and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic will be discussed during the event week. The event week presents solutions for urban decision-makers, planners, developers and companies. 

Solutions for the future.

Grow smarter in a week!

The event provides an opportunity to participate in international networks, share new information and work together. Internationally developed solutions create a basis for future solutions that enable the creation of new solutions in the scope of versatile smart city development. Solutions can be mobilised further via development initiatives, and the experiences from the development can be utilised according to the needs of each city.

Smart Cities Future

  • How covid affects cities?
  • What is changing in smart city development?
  • Whether the solutions made are useful for people?

Showcasing solutions

  • Introducing real solutions for covid & life after covid
  • Affects for cities decision making
  • What information is needed to share and what information is needed to get


  • New methods for networks & ecosystem development
  • How networks can ease the transition
  • Meet the city deputies
  • Theme discussions

Re-inventing work, living & companies needs

  • Transition over weekend – how Tampere react when covid strike to schools
  • Future effects for work, schools, mobility, health
  • What companies are looking for now and needs for employees

Security and connectivity

  • Data use & cities role in privacy control
  • Smart City IoT platform purchase process – insights by Stockholm and Tampere
  • Smart and secure video surveillance

Sustainable Smart Traffic

  • Autonomous driving
  • Solutions from Fabulous, Sensible4, Show, Unikie pilots (BMW)
  • Legistlation of sustainable automated driving
  • Digital infrastructure; Digital twin, HD maps, Arcade project

Sustainable Future

  • Cities role in carbon neutrality
  • Carbon Neutral Tampere 2030 Roadmap
  • Climate partnership model for businesses and communities

People first

  • Involving citizens
  • Tampere Challenge

Healthtech: a driver for healthcare data revolution

Tampere Start-up ecosystem creating new possibilities

Media City Tampere

Opportunities for talents

Tampere Smart City Week conference

A flexible city acknowledges residents and involves them in development.

The Tampere urban region creates a diverse growth environment for people and companies now and in the future. A smart urban region is created around the urban city centre, surrounded by lush nature, with the help of innovative solutions.

Tampere is aiming for the top of smart city development and wants to be known globally as a flexible and smart city where residents are acknowledged. The urban region aims to be a test platform for smart services where the activities of corporate and innovation networks are promoted and people can participate in smart city development.