The Nokia Arena where this event will take place  is a good example of how the  integration of security and access control systems improves security. We have been able to develop completely new, technology-enabled ways of using locking solutions. The central location of the venue in the city centre and its opening hours around the clock highlight the importance of access management.

The answer to future trends

“Nokia Arena is a striking example of security trends, where access rights are becoming digital and door environments are touchless. In this development, various human resource, space and access management systems, for example, are integrated. They share information to improve operational efficiency and security. [1] There has been a lot of discussion about the API economy, i.e., utilizing data shared through application programming interfaces, in recent years,” says Jari Perälä, Vice President, Domestic Sales and Marketing, Abloy Oy. 

Mobile devices and wristbands acting as keys

In the arena, the doors are opened with access rights on mobile devices and wristbands. Users can enjoy complete situational awareness, provided by ABLOY OS access control, user friendly interface.

“The locks are also integrated into the work shift system of the arena’s restaurants. For example, when a waiter arrives at the beginning of his or her shift, the access rights granted to the person immediately take effect in the necessary premises”, Abloy’s Key Account Manager Mikael Ermala adds. 

Push bars speed up the exit in case of an emergency

Directing a large audience to safety in case of emergencies is essential for an event centre like Nokia Arena. That’s why the locks on the arena doors are integrated with the fire safety system. All doors and exit routes in the customer premises are equipped with ABLOY push bars,  so that the doors open quickly and easily when needed.

You are most welcome to visit Abloy’s booth – 315 to learn more about intelligent ABLOY access control solutions.

(1) IFSEC Global: Wireless Access Control Report 2021