Scenery from the Uros Live construction

Tampere aims for the top of smart city development

Tampere wants to be known globally as a flexible and smart city where residents are acknowledged. The urban region aims to be a test platform for smart services that promotes the activities of corporate and innovation networks and includes people in smart city development.

In Tampere, the test platforms are either physical operating environments, such as neighbourhoods where sustainable and smart solutions facilitate the daily life of residents, or technology platforms where the city, universities and companies can test and develop new products and services. They activate new user groups, such as students, professionals, residents and people who utilise the services. For companies, the platforms are an opportunity to showcase their ideas and refine them into businesses and references to the global market.

Examples of jointly developed technology platforms in Tampere are the 5G test area in Hervanta where solutions of autonomous mobility were tested as well as an IoT platform in Viinikka. The IoT platform enables a more efficient utilisation of data and artificial intelligence as well as new kinds of services or the production of LoRaWan network smart services with the help of battery-operated and cost-efficient sensors.

Examples of city platforms include the active community in Hiedanranta where joint development and circular economy thrive. Härmälänranta has an interesting energy concept based on solar energy, remote-controlled energy consumption, smart street lighting and shared electric cars. In addition, the Isokuusi area in Vuores encourages timber construction.

New kinds of services and experiments also further the city’s objectives in terms of, for example, an effortless service selection or carbon neutrality. In addition, it’s important to bring the parties who develop services, products and processes together with the service users.

More information about smart city development in Tampere: smarttampere

Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere