Digital Twinning in 3D City Models

AIKA:KE 27.1. 15:30-15:50 UTC+2

Jarkko Männistö, Service Manager, Sitowise Oy

Jarkko has 25 years expertise of 3d modelling and 10 years expertise of 3d virtual models, game engines and simulations. Jarkko works as a service and project manager in Virtual Reality Solutions in Sitowise. His backgrounds are in architecture and urban planning, but also GIS, BIM and infrastructure designing processes are part of his expertise. His team has created AURA service, which is Digital Twin technology and 3d environment for tomorrow’s sustainable and smart cities. It offers a highly visual and intuitive user interface for observing and understanding both static and dynamic data within built environment – enabling simulations, smart decision-making and cost-efficient collaboration.

Jarkko Männistö

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