Tampere bids you welcome!

The growing Tampere City Region is as attractive as ever. Above all, it is known for its relaxed atmosphere and large-scale projects.

The economic structure of Tampere is healthy and varied – not everything is riding on one card. There is always something new going on in the city and its networks operate across city borders. An attractive concentration of expertise provides a varied growth environment for both businesses and city residents. It is no coincidence that Tampere has become one of the most significant smart cities in Finland.

Investing in Tampere, relocating here or just dropping by are easy. Everything is close by and easily accessible.

Tampere is home to innovations

Tampere is one of the fastest growing city regions in Finland, offering excellent business and working opportunities. Industrial and ICT expertise in the region is exceptionally strong. Many world-class breakthroughs have been made in this city of innovation, and products and services improving the quality of life of ordinary people have been developed here.

The city is investing in the future, and there are several major smart and sustainable construction, mobility and logistics projects currently underway.

Tampere is a great place for business operations: the city’s functional, compact size enables comfortable everyday life.

Tampere is one of the most significant smart cities in Finland. In Tampere, smart city development is carried out with the broad-scale involvement of various societal operators, from companies to educational institutions and from the municipal organisation to individual Tampere residents.

In Tampere, smart urban development is coordinated with the Smart Tampere programme with special focus on digitalisation, sustainable development and the promotion of business innovations through ecosystem activities.

Tampere is an attitude

Tampere, the most popular city of residence, tourism and study in Finland: it is a lifestyle that sweeps you along. Tampere is what it is, thanks to its sparkling lakes, ridge scenery, scale suitable for walking and the fact that something is always going on here. The secret behind the charm of Tampere is its particular sense of ordinariness. When asked where in Finland they would relocate, one third of Finns reply “Tampere”.

Quintessential Tampere phenomena include black sausage served with lingonberry sauce, the best doughnuts in the world, inventive museums, the winter swimming venues of this sauna capital, morning coffee enjoyed at Laukontori market square with a light breeze blowing from the lake, one event following another and a restorative sense of leisureliness.

Welcome to Tampere!