For professionals

Tampere Smart City Week provides a networking opportunity with international professionals in urban development. For those working with urban development, we offer opportunities to mingle with companies, developers and decision-makers in urban organisations, as well as representatives of research institutions. The core of the programme for professionals is a three-day virtual conference streamed from Tampere on 26–28 August 2021. The event week’s programme also includes events held in Tampere, certain to be a source of inspiration for your work.
Ihmiset istuvat väljästi ja seuraavat paneelikeskustelua

Explore the conference themes and join us!

The Tampere Smart City Week conference is organised entirely virtually on 26–28 February 2021. The topics of the conference concern us all and offer varying perspectives from several different fields. The event also provides an opportunity for creating international networks, sharing new information and collaborating.

Tampere Smart City Week offers a wide-ranging programme for professionals.

In addition to the conference, the event week consists of various events that provide loads of information and are sure to inspire those interested in the topic.

Tampere Business Forum and Tech Bites, among others, will be organised in connection with Tampere Smart City Week. So be sure to explore the whole week’s programme!