Event safety

The virtual conference is also safe

We decided at an early stage to organise the Tampere Smart City Week international conference fully remotely due to the current pandemic.

We are invested in producing an excellent event experience, including in the virtual conference, and want to provide our visitors with an effortless and comfortable event.

The virtual conference also offers greater networking opportunities and the possibility to interact with operators you would not encounter elsewhere.

Vaaleahiuksinen nainen osallistuu webinaariin tietokoneellaan
Nainen ja tyttö kuvattuna takaapäin katsovat tietokoneen ruutua

Events in Tampere will be organised in accordance with the prevailing restrictions

Most of week’s events for city residents will be organised virtually. Smart city development solutions will also be presented through the Tampere.Finland application.

If we are able to organise on-the-spot events in Tampere during the week, we will adhere to all local recommendations and restrictions.

The participants’ health and safety are our priority.

Together with the Tampere Smart City Week partners, we are prepared in various ways for changes caused by the pandemic and are monitoring the situation constantly.

We are committed to following the guidelines and measures recommended by the authorities to prevent the spread of the virus. We instruct our visitors to observe, among other things, good hand and coughing hygiene and to maintain sufficient safety distances. We do our best to ensure that you can enjoy our events safely. Most of the events will be organised virtually.

Face masks and pens on the table