For city residents

Several events will be organised for the residents of Tampere during Tampere Smart City Week. The events showcase various smart city solutions in an interesting way. Most of the events will be organised digitally and getting acquainted with the smart city development work done in Tampere is easy through the Tampere.Finland application. We are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and will announce any changes to events at short notice.

Nainen ja tyttö kuvattuna takaapäin katsovat tietokoneen ruutua

You are welcome to explore and take part in smart city development

At Tampere Smart City Week, various events will be held where you can explore different smart city solutions that have been carried out primarily in Tampere, but also elsewhere in Finland.

We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation. Most of the events will be organised digitally.

Download the Tampere.Finland app!

During the event week, you can easily get acquainted with smart city solutions implemented in Tampere with the Tampere.Finland application. For example, did you know that smart summon robot buses have been tested in Hiedanranta? Or that you can take part in the city’s budgeting? Download the app and learn more.
Vaaleahiuksinen nainen katsoo älypuhelimen näyttöä ja hymyilee