MyDataShare – human-centric service toolkit

Personal data is everywhere. In any urban community, there are hundreds of data-utilizing services. Every mundane digital transaction deals with data in multiple information systems including personal data. This data is valuable and must be treated ethically, responsibly, and confidentially. How can a smart city ensure such lawful use?

A smart city offers services digitally – to be utilized whenever and wherever. Proactive services help citizens effortlessly accomplish what they need.

Vastuu Group’s MyDataShare is a MyData operator platform that provides a wide array of features for smart cities to build trusted and human-centric services.

Empowering citizens with data

The City of Helsinki collaborates with Vastuu Group’s MyDataShare in building multiple services that enable citizens to understand and control how their personal data is used.

Helsinki automates day-care fee calculation based on the parents’ income. Annually this concerns 27 000 children whose parents are requested to grant consent for direct verification of their income data from the National Income Registry. This fully digitalized service eliminates error-prone manual work.

Connecting employers with the workforce

Vastuu Group and employment authorities are developing a human-centric digital employment toolkit. The tools are built using MyDataShare services and have been piloted with hundreds of users and several recruitment services already.

The tool enables job seekers to discover employment opportunities and generate applications, combining data from official sources and user-provided information. The goal is to make the process as smooth as possible for the job seekers and the recruiters.

Limitless applicability

MyDataShare provides the tools required to ensure lawful data use. Through identification, permissioning, and connectivity capabilities it offers endless opportunities for smart cities to benefit. Read more about MyDataShare.