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How can we make cities smarter and more functional living environments for our citizens as well as visitors with reasonable costs?

Confirma Software’s public sector solutions answer this question by offering municipalities of all sizes modern online payment options, better customer service platform and tools for better distribution of information through citizen apps. The Confirma Public solutions are offered across the Nordics, and we are serving more than 450 municipalities.

Ceepos – online payment options in public services

In Finnish city of Tampere, the city museums are all about times long gone, but before the pandemic hit, also their level of customer service was becoming antique.

“Nowadays, the customers expect to have the option to buy online. It is considered poor customer service if you cannot offer that”, states Saana Karlsson from Museum Centre Vapriikki.

The pandemic forced the museums to act, and in spring 2021 Museum Centre Vapriikki, Tampere Art Museum and Moomin Museum jointly opened their own web shop. Ceepos payment solutions were already in use in the public services in Tampere, so extending them to a web shop was relatively straightforward.

Ceepos payment platform includes solutions for point-of-sales, e-commerce and mobile payment needs. They all enjoy ready-made integrations to over 100 widely used accounting, financial administration and other systems creating smart automatic processes that save time, money and human resources.

In Tampere, the online extension of the museum gift shop has reduced manual tasks, especially those required by international shipments, which used to be processed through email.

Ceepos web payment solutions with their ready-made integrations provide a cost-efficient way to make various public services truly smarter. Residents can use the city web shop for signing up their children for summer camps or booking services such as parking spaces or rental venues – all without queueing on the phone or having to visit offices between 8am – 4pm.

Artvise Customer Service solutions – offer better customer service with one system

More and more Nordic municipalities are establishing one centralized customer service for their whole organization. Instead of calling around to different officials, residents can receive answers to all their questions related to any of the public services in one place.

The customer service agents working for the municipality are well-equipped to answer huge variety of questions concerning any of the services and can be reached through many different channels. This excellent customer service experience is made possible by high-quality Artvise customer service platform.

“Artvise Customer Service is filled with functions for efficient customer service work. It simplifies everyday life for our customer service staff,” says Malin Lövdahl from Upplands Väsby municipality.

The omnichannel customer service platform allows all customer-related data to be collected in one system. The citizens can contact their municipality via phone, email, chat, written letter, online form or any other medium and all information flows into the centralized system and can be accessed by any of the customer service agents in duty.

No matter how complex the matter in question is, no information is lost during the process, because all customer service agents involved can access the same information. Using only one centralized system instead of going back and forth between several systems does not only save time and money, but also makes the system easy to maintain, update, and introduce to new employees.

In addition, data privacy is easier to control when all customers’ personal data stays within one system throughout the whole process.

Compilo Quality System and Citizen solutions – reach your citizens with an app

Municipalities across Nordics are very good at producing information concerning their services and posting it online, but does the crucial information really reach the residents on time? How many of the residents actually visit municipal websites regularly or notice the posts made by the city on their overflowing social media feed?

Compilo notification app ties the gap between the municipality and its residents by distributing the info concerning the public services to the individual citizen. Citizens receive the important updates straight to their mobile devices and notifications make sure the information doesn’t go unnoticed.

Since not all public service info is relevant to every citizen, each app user can choose individually which of the many services they wish to stay informed.

Compilo apps also allow citizens to participate and give feedback on the public services. This way the municipality can instantly receive information if there are problems with public facilities or infrastructure has been broken.

In Overhalla municipality, Compilo feedback app has been well received: “Many of our citizens have started using Compilo solution. We now receive far more messages than with the previous solution. For us, the solution means simpler and more streamlined way of processing the messages compared to before”, says mayor Trond Steinvik from Overhalla municipality.

Already used by 90 000 citizens in Norway, Compilo apps introduce new, smarter ways of interacting with your citizens. The app is suitable for municipalities of all sizes and available in all Nordic countries.

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