Preparations for Tampere Smart City Week Conference & Expo and DigITre are well underway

The very first set of fair events organised at Nokia Arena, Tampere Smart City Week 2022 Conference and Expo from 31 January − 2 February 2022, and DigITre, a new, cutting-edge event for ICT professionals from 1−2 February 2022, will take place as planned at the turn of January and February. A unique start-up event, led by the frontrunner in smart collaboration, ArcticStartup Media Oy, will also be experienced at the fair. Preparations for the set of events are continuing as normal and on schedule in accordance with the current information and official regulations.

The event will be organised in accordance with the policies, restrictions and health security measures issued by the Regional State Administrative Agency, THL and other authorities. The pandemic situation and the valid restrictions and guidelines are monitored constantly and any changes will be updated on the website and in our social media channels in real time.

Preparations for the set of events are well underway and we are excited about the upcoming cutting-edge event! We are engaging in active dialogue with the authorities and the City of Tampere and we can guarantee that the TSCW Conference and Expo together with DigITre will be organized responsibly and safely. The health of fair participants is our top priority as we approach the event. For the moment, we are proceeding as planned and wish everyone welcome to this smart set of events, says Project Manager Sami Siurola from Tampere Trade Fairs Group.

The TSCW 2022 Conference and Expo together with DigITre complies with strict in-house control guidelines in the form of a health security plan, which helps ensure participation that is as safe as possible for all the parties at the fair event. The safety of the fair will be guaranteed through health security arrangements, high-level hygiene and a strong recommendation to wear a mask. Participants may attend the events only if they are fully healthy and vaccinated or tested. The News page of the Nokia Arena website contains updates on event safety and the measures and practices resulting from COVID-19:

The event will be organized according to the restrictions that are in place at the time of the event. The Tampere Smart City Week Conference & Expo and DigITre will require a COVID passport if the official restrictions for events recommend and require it at the time.

We wish you safely welcome!

The lead organiser of Tampere Smart City Week is the City of Tampere in collaboration with Business Tampere. DigITre 2022 is an event of Tampere Trade Fair Group which is organised in collaboration with Tampere Smart City Week Conference and Expo. Tampere Trade Fair Group will produce the TSCW Expo & Conference and the DigITre set of events for the City of Tampere.

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Tampere Smart City Week / Business Tampere

Katri Schulze, Coordinator, Business Tampere Oy,, +358 40 076 5552

Anni Ylinen, Marketing and Communications Manager, Visit Tampere Oy,, +358 50 466 9525

DigITre / Tampere Trade Fair

Sami Siurola, Project Manager, Tampere Trade Fair Group,, +358 40 734 3589

Sirkka Laine, Communications Specialist, Tampere Trade Fair Group,, +358 40 612 908