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Solutions for the daily life of all residents

Bringing the city, residents, companies and communities together is at the core of Tampere’s strategy. Already more than 50 solutions have been created as the result of joint development in the Smart Tampere programme! The methods vary, but the uniting factors are the fact that challenges are solved by companies and communities as well as the goal of creating better solutions for the needs of the city or residents. The solutions have been, among other things, technological solutions and service concepts that make the daily life easier.

Science Forum offers interesting programme for young people and the entire family. The event will present how Tampere residents can influence the joint development and participate in the planning of the city’s future and solutions for every residents’ life.

Science Forum offers diverse programme for young school children on Friday, 22 January 2021. During the day, children can get to know the various ways of how they can impact the future development of their home town.

The extensive programme selection at Science Forum on Saturday, 23 January 2021 consists of lectures, workshops and presentation booths — interesting topics for residents of all ages!

Among other things, Smart Tampere presents participatory budgeting, the role of the Tampere.Finland city app in the development of a sustainable city as well as opportunities of the Make an Impact section. We will also focus on the KIEPPI initiative pilots, urban food production solutions, utilisation of waste and side streams, consultation in timber construction and energy matters as well as diverse health-promoting blue-green infrastructure. It’s possible to calculate your own carbon footprint at the event and learn about the new solutions for urban mobility that have been developed in the Kauppi area and for tramway feeder traffic. We will also hear more about quick experiments that were created this year to promote the well-being of children and adolescents. These experiments were looking for solutions that would serve particularly those needs that were caused by the coronavirus pandemic and that would remain effective as such even after the world goes back to normal. One of the selected ideas is a family exercise application with five routes that became the Tampere city challenge.

Science Forum provides more information about Esports as well as an exhibition match at Monitoimitalo 13

Tampere is developing an operating model for Esports to support its quick development. The objective is to increase understanding and social acceptance of Esports. The system is used to prevent exclusion of the adolescents who are active in Esports as well as to support their development as players and people. Open activities are organised daily at the Esports area in Monitoimitalo 13 whenever it’s free. In addition to the game activities, Pelifarmi also organises various game-related events, workshops and CREW activities throughout the year.

On Saturday, the programme includes a Finnish Esports and digital gaming event for young people at Monitoimitila 13. The evening culminates in an exhibition match between Finland’s toughest teams.

Photo: Laura Vanzo / Visit Tampere